Infographic: Abortion Stigma Hurts


Sea Change in Action: Our Newsletter

In mid-July 2014, we sent out our first newsletter! Read the whole thing here or the highlights below.

Our First Staff Retreat

Six people. Two days. One house. That’s a recipe for fun! In early July, we brought all our staff get together in Oakland for some learning and stigma busting. While our roots are spread in different soils around the world, the one thing we all had in common was experiencing stigma and our desire to changeculture. We spent our time brainstorming ideas for projects, sharing skills, and dreaming up where we want Sea Change to be in coming years. For us, the power of culture change and story sharing starts at home.

From Reading Women’s Lives to the Untold Stories Project

This year, we’re re-launching our Reading Women’s Lives project by publishing our own book of stories, to be published this fall, to spark open and curious conversations about reproduction. As we put out a call for essays, we realized that we needed a name that reflected the diversity of stories we received. Thus the Untold Stories Project was born, a name that is inclusive of the gender diversity we see in our everyday lives.

The Untold Stories Project is about creating spaces for genuine connection in a world that is deeply disconnected, especially around taboo issues like reproduction. Changing the culture of disconnection is about changing where shifts happen, and there’s no better place to start than in your living room. For information on how you and your organization can be involved in the Untold Stories Project, contact Lucia Leandro.


Infographic: Addressing Abortion Stigma

Abortion Stigma 101

Culture Change Cheat Sheet: Spring 2014

Culture Change Geeks

We’re culture change geeks!

Here at Sea Change, we consider ourselves culture change geeks. We are obsessed with learning about strategies that social justice movements use to create measurable shifts in how people think, act, and behave. We’re always on the lookout for research, programs, and media coverage that challenge and inspire us to think about culture change in new ways.

Culture change is a lofty goal, but we’re seeing it around us all the time. Our quarterly Culture Change Cheat Sheet highlights innovations that we believe are creating dynamic culture change and reducing stigma.  We hope you’ll share these articles with your colleagues and inspire them to keep making shift happen.

Inspring Programs and Campaigns

How do we help people feel support and connection instead of shame and isolation? These campaigns are finding creative ways to address stigmatizing issues and prioritizing the people who are most impacted by those issues.

Image via Strong Families

Image via Strong Families

Research: Theory and Practice

Research provides critical guidance in designing successful programs. The papers below are recently published theoretical frameworks related to stigma and stigma reduction to inspire your next culture change campaign.

Media: Cosmopolitan Takes on Abortion

How often do you see a happy couple talking about how their abortion strengthened their relationship? Cosmopolitan featured this incredible story in their magazine earlier this year, and they’ve continued to craft a new way to talk about abortion in mainstream media by spotlighting nuanced personal experiences.