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Results and insights from launching the Untold Stories Project

What happens when we read and discuss true stories about reproduction?


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Over the last year, we provided copies of our book Untold Stories: Life, Love, & Reproduction to 65 reading groups in 25 states. We just wrapped up our evaluation, and the results are incredible!

99 people (about half of all of our evaluation respondents) shared new stories about reproduction, and nearly all of them felt supported when they did so. For almost all of these storytellers, they were sharing this reproductive experience for the very first time.

Most readers said that participating in the project was“eye-opening,” gave them “more empathy,” and made them “more open to the nuance of reproductive decisions.” Read the full report to see just how rich their experiences were.

Here’s a sneak peek of our evaluation results:

  • Our evaluation survey respondents (212 to date) are overwhelmingly “very satisfied” (81%) with the group discussion experience.

  • Half of participants (48%) shared a personal reproductive story of their own during their group’s discussion.

  • 99% of those who shared felt supported by their group when they did so. Of those who shared their experiences, 87% reported that some in the group were hearing their story for the first time.

  • For more juicy data, read the full report!

Read the Evaluation Report

What kinds of reproductive experiences did people talk about in their reading groups? How did Sea Change engage and support storytellers throughout the process? Read our entire evaluation report to find out!

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