Why Share Untold Stories?

Every day, people across the country are pushed into isolation, fearing they will be shamed or embarrassed for their sexual and reproductive decisions. From mainstream media to our national policies, and even in our own communities, the lived realities of abortion, adoption, infertility, and other reproductive experiences are rarely visible. But what if each person who has felt silenced or shamed shared their story with another person? And that person shared their own story? One story inspiring another, and another. Together, we would begin to create a sea change so strong that our stories – and our rights – could no longer be denied.

Be a Part of the Untold Stories Project

The Untold Stories Project is creating change all over the U.S. – creating opportunity for friends and family to get together to share real-life experiences about ‘life, love, and reproduction,’ and opening new doors of curiosity and connection. There are numerous ways we are lifting up the untold stories around us – from the living room to the stage – and evidence that backs up storytelling as a movement strategy to shift stigma.


What happens when we read and discuss true stories about reproduction? It opens the door to learning the nuances of reproductive experiences, and offers opportunity to connect and share.

Join the hundreds who have participated in the Untold Stories Project across the U.S. by hosting your own reading group! Grab a copy of our book, Untold Stories: Life, Love, and Reproduction, download the discussion guide, and explore how our personal experiences can connect us all and increase empathy in our communities.

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We believe the power of storytelling can shift stigma in any setting, opening people’s eyes to live with more compassion and empathy. And one of the most powerful settings is a place where others come to learn.

Classrooms across the country are environments of curiosity, conversation, and opportunity. To spread that opportunity, we are working with universities across the country to use our book, Untold Stories: Life, Love, and Reproduction, as a new means for students to explore stigma and the nuances of reproductive experiences. If you are interested in getting the book your classroom, contact us today!

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What impact do spontaneous conversations have on people’s willingness to share their own sexual and reproductive experiences? To find out, we have released a new card game that disrupts the silence and isolation of stigma by bringing people together in a new way to share stories about sex, love, and relationships that increase curiosity and connection.

Finally a game where personal experience can help you not just win, but gives those around you tools and stories to learn! The more you play, the more you contribute to shifting stigma in your own community. Be sure to take our survey after you play and share your experience with Untold Stories: The Game.

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