Untold Stories: Life, Love, and Reproduction

Many of our deepest moments of connection come from the act of listening to someone else’s story. For the person who is telling it, that same moment can dissolve the pain and isolation of carrying a story alone. Through our book, Untold Stories: Life, Love and Reproduction, we introduce readers to stories not often told or heard.

The book is a collection of stories from 17 writers talking intimately and honestly about their reproductive experiences including abortion, egg donation, adoption, LGBT parenting, remaining child free, and much more. The authors share their most vulnerable experiences with emotional honesty, self-awareness, and humor. And readers are benefiting from these experiences in profound and moving ways. On reader shared the impact of the book, saying:

“The stories helped me explore the personal decisions of others and allow them their humanity, regardless of my own opinions. I feel more open to the nuance of reproductive decisions.”

 Read other reader’s reflections on the book here. We invite you to read the book and join our Untold Stories Project by hosting your own reading group, creating the opportunity to discuss these stories and even share your own. 

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Meet the Authors

What was it like to share something so personal and stigmatized with the world? What do these stories offer those who read them? Hear from several of the brave authors who shared their real-life experiences in Untold Stories: Life, Love, and Reproduction.