Understanding reproductive stigma can help us develop creative ways to transform it


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The Sea Change Program is dedicated to transforming the culture of stigma around abortion and other stigmatized reproductive experiences. We conduct social science research and partner with organizations to identify, test, and share practices for reducing reproductive stigmas.

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What is abortion stigma?

Abortion stigma is the shared understanding that abortion is socially and morally unacceptable.

This stigma has disastrous consequences around the world. People seeking abortions are bullied, shamed, marginalized, and sometimes even prevented by law or intimidation from seeking safe health care services. Abortion providers are harassed, dehumanized and targeted by regulation and anti-abortion advocates.

Stigma leads to the social, medical, and legal marginalization of abortion care around the world and is a barrier to access to high quality, safe abortion care.

What are we doing about it?

The Untold Stories Project

We’re recruiting groups to read and discuss our original anthology of true stories about reproduction! See if you and your friends are eligible to receive free books and a fun toolkit. Learn more »

Capacity Building for Culture Change

Sea Change partners with advocates and organizations to design pathways to culture change, develop tools for measuring stigma, and identify, test, and pilot new strategies for transforming stigma. Learn more »


Sea Change conducts original social science research to advance our understanding of stigma and approaches to culture change. Learn more »

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What should storytellers think about before deciding to share their abortion stories publicly?

What can organizations do to help people who want to share their abortion stories cope with stigma? Sea Change surveyed 39 public abortion storytellers and conducted 13 in-depth interviews to ask them these questions and more.

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